Praise for Organized by Marcie

“You have truly found your niche and more importantly, you know how to care for people.” – Joan, Silver Spring MD

“The place looks amazing. It has so unbelievably changed our lives, I can’t even begin to tell you. Thank you so much for everything.” – Meredith, Wheaton MD

“Marcie is easy to be with, totally non-judgmental, and helped me dig out when I finally admitted I would never set aside the time to do so on my own.” – Kathy, Beltsville MD

“I started throwing things away that I haven’t looked at for years! Thank you for the inspiration.” – Mary, Bethesda MD

“Marcie arrived on time and was ready to work immediately.  She is gracious, sensitive and very easy to work with. Very friendly, easy to talk with.” – Barbara, Hyattsville MD

“Marcie arrived and did a quick assessment of the room. She asked a few key questions and then began to move things around according to what I asked of her. She took out things to get rid of and found places for every memory that we wanted to be saved. She has an amazing ability to organize and she is very efficient. As an added bonus she has a delightful personality!” –Kelly, Gaithersburg MD

“Thank you so much, you changed my life.” – Gerry, Washington DC

“She’s really terrific and professional. She’s very helpful and is very good at coaching me in organizational skills.” – Catherine, Chevy Chase MD


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