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you’re not alone – get help with decluttering

If you’re having trouble addressing your clutter, there are several things you can do: You can read articles or books about decluttering – If you’re disciplined and work well on your own, you can read about organizing principles and put … Continue reading

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Quote: Just Do Something

Don’t wait until you are able to set aside a huge block of time to complete a project. Any forward movement you make will create a feeling of achievement. Progress equals happiness. – Tony Robbins If you work at your … Continue reading

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Quote: Will It, Do It

Some days it takes more energy to get things done. You might not be in the mood to tackle a task and you find yourself doing everything except the one thing you need to do. Always bear in mind that your … Continue reading

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Quote: Start Small

Photo by lkunl While Martin Luther King, Jr. wasn’t referring to clearing clutter, this quote of his remains pertinent: You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. – Martin Luther King, Jr. You can become overwhelmed … Continue reading

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Reader Question: Why Can’t I Finish Things?

Photo by sualk61 Recently, a reader mentioned that she feels frustrated because she can’t get anything accomplished. She’s always moving between tasks, instead of finishing one thing before starting another.   There are lots of reasons why people don’t finish … Continue reading

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Overcoming Perfectionism-Triggered Procrastination

Victoria Maxwell, a playwright and actor, has created award-winning shows that explore her experiences with bipolar disorder, anxiety, psychosis and recovery. In an articlefor Psychology Today, she writes about the “Vicious Triangle” created by perfectionism, anxiety & depression. Whether or … Continue reading

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Quote: Procrastination

Photo by Rawich The first Wednesday in September is Fight Procrastination Day. This year, it’s September 3, which is next week. I can procrastinate as well as anyone; however, I also know that when there are things to be done, I … Continue reading

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