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It’s What You Don’t See

Photo by Jeffrey Beall My cousin was visiting yesterday and said my house was completely disorganized. Yes, my house. Clearly, he doesn’t understand the difference between organized and tidy. Three day weekend = some household chaos. Yet, if you needed … Continue reading

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Reader Question: Why Can’t I Finish Things?

Photo by sualk61 Recently, a reader mentioned that she feels frustrated because she can’t get anything accomplished. She’s always moving between tasks, instead of finishing one thing before starting another.   There are lots of reasons why people don’t finish … Continue reading

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Overcoming Perfectionism-Triggered Procrastination

Victoria Maxwell, a playwright and actor, has created award-winning shows that explore her experiences with bipolar disorder, anxiety, psychosis and recovery. In an articlefor Psychology Today, she writes about the “Vicious Triangle” created by perfectionism, anxiety & depression. Whether or … Continue reading

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True Confessions: Sometimes I Leave Dishes in the Sink

 Photo by koratmember Sometimes I eat dry cereal because I didn’t buy milk. Sometimes I go for weeks without vacuuming. I rarely dust.Sometimes I leave once-worn clothes on the bedroom chair for a few days before putting them away.As … Continue reading

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Last week I was talking to someone who said that striving for perfection is not about excellence, but about seeking approval.  She made a good case for the theory, using examples of children who seek approval from parents and teachers. … Continue reading

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