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Stop Wasting Money

Photo by winnond Disorganization costs you money – ·  every time you overbuy and throw away food that goes bad ·  every timeyou buy duplicates of things you already have ·  every timeyou buy things you never use Do you have multiple … Continue reading

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quote: clear mental clutter

Clutter exists not only in your environment, but in your mind, as well. I have experienced some setbacks recently, which have occupied a huge amount of space in my brain. Fortunately, I have developed the habit of writing things down … Continue reading

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Clean Out Your Computer Day

The second Monday in February is Clean Out Your Computer Day.   Why bother? Because digital clutter can build up as quickly as physical clutter, which leads to confusion, poor use of time and related stress.   Think of your … Continue reading

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Reader Question: How do I keep the food in my refrigerator from turning into science projects?

Recently, two readers asked how to manage food in the refrigerator and freezer. Both of them frequently have food going bad in the refrigerator and one has no idea what is in the freezer. They both waste money by buying … Continue reading

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Reader Question: Why am I so forgetful?

A reader told me that, like many people, she leaves things out so she doesn’t forget about them or she creates complicated systems for remembering to do things. With everything you have going on, is it any surprise that you forget … Continue reading

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Quote: Procrastination

Photo by Rawich The first Wednesday in September is Fight Procrastination Day. This year, it’s September 3, which is next week. I can procrastinate as well as anyone; however, I also know that when there are things to be done, I … Continue reading

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Take Charge of Change Week

Photo by Stuart Miles Yesterday I was thinking about the difference between a desire and an obligation. The difference between saying to yourself “I want to …” instead of “I should …” I really wanted to do yard work, so … Continue reading

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