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you’re not alone – get help with decluttering

If you’re having trouble addressing your clutter, there are several things you can do: You can read articles or books about decluttering – If you’re disciplined and work well on your own, you can read about organizing principles and put … Continue reading

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Stop Wasting Money

Photo by winnond Disorganization costs you money – ·  every time you overbuy and throw away food that goes bad ·  every timeyou buy duplicates of things you already have ·  every timeyou buy things you never use Do you have multiple … Continue reading

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Shopping Tips

Photo by adamr No, I am not caving to retail pressure. I still contend that experiences and consumable gifts are best. I do know, however, that a lot of you are going to be shopping next week, hoping to find … Continue reading

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Meditations on stuff

Photo by foto76 I’m reading Stuff, by Randy Frost and Gail Steketee, a book about hoarding. People have different feelings about their belongings. Those who hoard usually have difficulty with decision making and may feel compelled to keep things that … Continue reading

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Coming Clean on Clutter

Last month I made some true confessions, a result of exhaustion and overwork. Now I’m going to dish some more dirt.You may be aware that my mother moved almost two months ago and that I’ve been spending a lot of … Continue reading

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The Difference Between a Collector and a Hoarder

Photo from Charlotte Lee / Associated Press An article I read recently reminded me how people get emotionally attached to their stuff.  Something that looks like clutter to you might be someone else’s beloved collection.  What separates collectors from hoarders … Continue reading

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Living Large on Less

Last week I read the story of Joseph Fonseca, a writer who took an unusual path after graduating college.  Instead of looking for a conventional job, he decided to travel around the country and let his adventures inspire his writing.  … Continue reading

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