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Years ago the Lillian Vernon catalog carried a brightly colored, hanging closet organizer with slots for Monday-Friday. It allowed you to plan out a week’s worth of clothes and eliminated some of the morning chaos. I recommended them to everyone who struggled with getting kids ready for school.

Although I had clients who could benefit from the same idea, it was too juvenile for most adults, and I didn’t see anything that suited a more mature style. Then I found hanging sweater holders. You can find them at Container Store, Bed Beth and Beyond, Target and online stores.

You hang the organizer from your closet bar and it opens to six sections. You can set up six days’ worth of outfits at the beginning of the week. Or arrange five days’ worth and use the bottom section for shoes. Add everything you need, including accessories, and you won’t have to make decisions each morning. That will get you out the door faster. Setting up your clothes once a week also lets you see whether you need to wash something or take it to the cleaner, preventing surprises the night before an important.

If you travel often, you could organize a week’s worth of outfits for your trip. The shelves fold up flat when you’re not using it, so it’s handy for college students who move in and out of dorms, too.

Lillian Vernon doesn’t sell that kids’ organizer anymore, but you can find it online. Along with kids’ school clothes, you also can prepare for the week’s activities – Scouting or sports uniforms, musical instruments, homework, projects, show and tell, etc.

I advise doing what you can to avoid the morning rush; the more you can do ahead of time, the easier your morning will be. Do you plan your clothes ahead of time or do you decide what you’re going to wear when you wake up?

Marcie Lovett, Organized by Marcie
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