5-minute organizing for the car

xcar clutter by James

photo by james

Have you tried any of the 5-minute organizing techniques I wrote about last month?

It really works! A participant from a recent speaking engagement called to tell me how happy he was to get through his paperwork, five minutes at a time. He felt good to make progress after procrastinating for so long, because he had been looking at it as an overwhelming project.

What if you’re caught up on paperwork, but your car needs some attention? Lots of us use our car as a mobile office and clutter builds up when you don’t empty it regularly.

One of my favorite ways to avoid car clutter is by designating an errand bag or box. Choose a tote bag or bin and keep it near the door you use to leave home. When you have to take a package to the post office or return library books or unwanted purchases, put them in the errand box and take to the car. When you finish the errands, bring the box back inside. The key is to remove it from the car every day or two; otherwise, you risk using it as a dumping ground and forgetting what’s in it.

Whether or not you’re running errands, take something with you each time you get out of the car.

  • Train yourself (or your family) to throw out trash each time you fill up
  • Take a coffee mug into the house and put it in the sink
  • Gather clothes or towels and put them in the hamper
  • Bring paperwork or books into your house or office

Once you make it a habit, you’ll spend less than five minutes clearing the car each time you get home. And you just might find some treasure lurking under the clutter.

What causes your car clutter? Leave a comment, below.

Marcie Lovett, Organized by Marcie
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