quote: procrastination

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photo by stuart miles

Clients often tell me they “have an excuse” for putting off a project. There are many reasons people use to avoid starting or completing tasks, but I think the most common reason is fear.

Fear you won’t do it right. Fear someone else will disapprove. Fear you’ll get bored. The longer you avoid it, the more reasons you can think of that make it feel impossible to succeed.


We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible. – Vince Lombardi


Instead of giving in to fear, break your project into smaller tasks and assign yourself dates to accomplish them. If you see the project as a series of actions, you are more likely to commit to them.

I downloaded income tax software today and committed to spending 30 minutes every few days to meet my deadline of finishing my taxes by April 14.

What have you been delaying? Can you visualize finishing it by working on it over a period of time? Leave a comment, below.

Marcie Lovett, Organized by Marcie
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