the organizer comes clean on spring cleaning

Dustpan by artur84

photo by artur84

I love a clean house and seeing sparkling surfaces bring me joy.

I don’t particularly like to clean, however, so I’ve created a schedule that works for me. A few times a year I tackle areas that aren’t in my regular rotation, the ones that go beyond everyday cleaning.

One of my annual tasks is emptying the pantry, and washing the shelves and walls. I’d like to replace the shelves, but they’re an unusual size. Instead, I took a small step to make them slightly less unappealing. Each shelf has a wood strip on the front, tacked on by some previous owner. This year I decided the wood strips had been annoying me enough to pull them off. The shelves will look better once they’re sanded and repainted, which I plan to do when it’s warm enough to work outside.

Some cleaning tasks get done when I notice them. The dishwasher hasn’t been doing a great job recently, so I checked the inside to see if there was an obvious problem. While I was poking around, I noticed some dirt on the inside, which I wiped off. I didn’t find anything unusual, but I did see what looked like a filter. I know dishwasher filters should be cleaned regularly, but I thought this model didn’t have one.

I took a break from cleaning to consult the owner’s manual. There was no mention of a filter, but it did recommend that you run the hot water tap before turning on the dishwasher. I’d always thought that was a myth, so I’ve never done it. Now that I know, I wondered what else I wasn’t doing correctly.

All the product manuals in my house are kept in one place, so they’re easy to find. I file operating instructions after reading them the first time, and don’t usually look at them again until I get rid of the item. Since you can forget details, it seems like a good idea to review product manuals once a year. I’m going to add that to the spring-cleaning list.

How do you keep track of cleaning tasks? Do you know where your appliance manuals and warranties are? Leave a comment, below.

Marcie Lovett, Organized by Marcie
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