clutter roundup holiday edition

Calendar by Dafne Cholet

photo by dafne cholet

There are a lot of organizing “holidays” that have been created by different groups, for different reasons. This month’s Organize Your Home Office Day, Clutter Awareness Week, National Procrastination Week, National Consumer Protection Week and Financial Literacy Month offer opportunities to remind you about reducing clutter.

Here are some articles related to this month’s events:

I recently wrote about Organize Your Home Office Day, and you can continue to remove clutter from your home office so you have a comfortable, efficient place to work.

Living with other people means living with their preferred level of clutter, which can be a challenge in families. There is help for couples with conflicting clutter styles, as well.

I mentioned Consumer Protection Week previously, and recommend that you start to protect your finances and become more financially literate by getting a free copy of your credit report annually. You can avoid paper clutter by saving a copy to your computer instead of printing it out, then put a reminder on your calendar to check your reports from the other financial reporting agencies.

Some people view National Procrastination Week as a time to break free from procrastination, while others celebrate by substituting enjoyable activities for high-pressure responsibilities. Feeling overwhelmed?  Either way, you can benefit from doing less, but doing it better.

What are you doing to reduce your clutter this month?

Marcie Lovett, Organized by Marcie
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