organize your home office day

Office by Aleksi Tappura

photo by aleksi tappura

Saturday, March 11 is Organize Your Home Office Day. Whether or not you work at home, you probably have an area where you pay bills and keep records related to your health, finances, home, car, pets or hobbies.

You don’t need a dedicated office, but you do need to quickly locate receipts, manuals or notices. You can avoid searching for papers by having a system for handling them.

You can start your office organizing project by gathering like items. Put all the loose papers in one box. Put all the pens, pencils and markers together. Put all the notebooks and notepads together.

Once you’ve sorted, you may be surprised by the amount of stuff you have. You can donate the excess or put it in a bin so you can replenish supplies when you run low. Give every surface a quick wipe and put back supplies that you actually use. Relocate things that don’t belong in your office area and throw away trash.

These steps will provide a refresh for your work area. If you need to spend more time sorting paperwork or letting go of clutter, schedule an hour each week to focus on one section. After a few weeks, you’ll have an organized workspace that you’ll be able to use productively.

Do you have a home office or do you use a part of another room for your paperwork?

Marcie Lovett, Organized by Marcie
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