recycle day


Yes, there is a day set aside to celebrate and promote recycling. November 15th is National America Recycles Day. Learn about recycling efforts in your jurisdiction and, if your community doesn’t provide recycling services, learn how to get them started.

Recycling is important because it reduces the amount of garbage that gets incinerated or buried in landfills.

Although people often refer to “recycling” as giving new life to an object, it is just one way you can keep trash from accumulating. Notice that the slogan Reduce, Reuse, Recyle ends with recycling; when you reduce what you buy and reuse what you have, you don’t need to discard as much.

Some of the things you can do:

  • Reduce the amount of packaging you bring into your home when you shop
  • Reuse worn-out clothes as rags
  • Donate items that are in good condition

Find an event near you  and learn more about the lifecycle of stuff. You might be surprised at what can be reused or recycled.

Would you like to increase recycling at home or work? Leave a reply, below.

Marcie Lovett, Organized by Marcie
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