holiday stress


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Yes, it’s that time of year again. Once Halloween hits, the great marketing machine starts pitching Christmas. There’s Thanksgiving to consider, too. Can you feel your stress level rising?

In a study conducted by Wirthlin Worldwide, approximately 52% of women and 40% of men ages 35-54 said their stress levels go up during the holidays. The American Psychological Association reports that Americans list the following as causes of holiday stress: lack of money (61% of people surveyed), the pressures of gift giving (42%), lack of time (34%), and credit card debt (23%).

You can approach the season differently this year by deciding what you can let go of.

Reduce your stress level immediately by letting go of the idea of a “perfect” holiday. You’ll save time and money when you use what you have and ignore the appeals for the next new thing.

Adjusting your expectations may lead to other people feeling disappointed, so let them know about your plans to cut back on obligations. If you enjoy baking cookies, work it into your schedule so you’re not icing hundreds of snowflakes the night before the office party. If you love a festively decorated house, consider hiring someone to help you deck the halls. If you really want to entertain sometime between now and January 1, start planning now and think about brunch or dessert instead of dinner. If you want to give gifts to people but are unsure what they want, ask them.

Conserve your time and energy so you don’t end up resenting the people you care about. They’ll recover from the surprise of your doing things differently, and you’ll head into January feeling calmer, and without crushing debt.

What can you let go of this holiday season? Leave a reply, below.

Marcie Lovett, Organized by Marcie
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