recall notification

Instead of mailing in product warranty cards for recall notices (which most people don’t xWarrantybother to complete)*, you can subscribe to email notifications from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

You can register to receive the emails at  This way you can learn about recalls for things you might not have received a warranty card for.

On the same Web site, you can view recent recalls (if you don’t want to sign up for email notices), find safety guides, look up product safety reports and report unsafe products.

Do you fill out the warranty cards that come with many consumer products? Have your ever reported an unsafe product?

*Full disclosure: The photo is a warranty from a product I bought over a month ago. I didn’t go through all the paperwork that was included, so I didn’t notice it. I only thought about it because I needed a graphic for the blog. Now that I’ve been reminded, I’ll go online to fill out the form.

Marcie Lovett, Organized by Marcie
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