reader question – what if i let go of something i wish i’d saved?


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When people are trying to live with less clutter, one of the fears they have is letting go of things that they’ll miss later.

Before you start your decluttering project, I suggest you come up with guidelines.

Decide what your “enough” is, based on number of items or the space you have. Four pairs of jeans is enough for me, for example; your “enough” will depend on your circumstances.

Determine whether you’re keeping things because you think you “should,” or because you really enjoy them.

Ask yourself if the item you’re concerned about can be borrowed, rented or purchased if you find you need it one day.

There are very few things that can’t be replaced. I rarely hear clients say they are sorry about letting go of something; however, if you’re worried about a particular item, hold on to it for a while.

Give yourself a time period for re-evaluating. If you really want it, you’ll keep it. Otherwise, you’ll discover that it’s not adding value to your life and you’ll be ready to let someone else enjoy it.

Is there something you’re afraid of letting go?

Marcie Lovett, Organized by Marcie
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