the beginners’ guide to forming habits


photo by franky242

Sometimes you just don’t feel like doing something.

Today, for example, I put my coffee cup in the sink and started making lunch. Then I put those containers in the sink. After I finished lunch, I was ready to put my plate in the sink and go back to work. I could deal with the dishes later, I figured.

Then I had a thought: I really like seeing an empty sink.

My habit is to finish small tasks right away, whenever possible, so they don’t build up. I usually put dirty dishes right into the dishwasher, so what was going on? Even though I didn’t feel like it, I did it. It took a few extra seconds and I felt good about it right away.

That good feeling will increase when I prepare supper, because there won’t be a sink full of dishes to deal with before I even get started.

That’s the thing about habits – it takes a while for them to become part of your routine, but then you count on them to keep your day moving along efficiently. You don’t have to make decisions about the countless details that make up a typical day, because you’ve created a routine way of dealing with them.

You can build habits around a morning routine, so you get out of the house faster. You can create a routine so you leave the office ready for the next workday. You can create a routine before you go to bed so you aren’t up half the night, worrying about what you’ve forgotten.

It starts with creating habits.

Do you have one habit you’d like to commit to?

Marcie Lovett, Organized by Marcie
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