10 things you can let go today


photo by Mister GC

People often are afraid that they’ll miss things when they let them go.

When I ask clients how they feel after they’ve cleared out their clutter, they rarely say they’re sorry about not having something anymore.

Before you let go of something, ask yourself if you use it regularly, if you could borrow from someone if you needed it, or if you could replace it quickly and inexpensively. Skis? Maybe not. Fondue pot? Maybe so. You make the decision, based on your criteria.

In the meantime, here are 10 things you can toss right now and never miss:

1.  Old newspapers – they’re not news anymore

2.  Old magazines – the content in most magazines is repeated regularly

3.  Expired medicines – prescriptions and over-the-counter medications can become hazardous when they’re old; dispose of them properly in the trash, don’t flush them!

4.  Old spices – they lose their pungency after a year or so

5.  Pencil stubs – even more so if the eraser is gone

6.  Twist ties – sure, keep a few, but do you need 60?

7.  Rubber bands – see twist ties, above

8.  Unidentified electric cords or cables – if you don’t own the product they went to, they have no value (Note: when you get a new piece of electronic equipment, take a minute to label the cords)

9.  Product information and warranties for things you no longer own

10. Receipts for food, gasoline, or anything else that you’ve already consumed

Are there other things that would be easy for you to let go?

Marcie Lovett, Organized by MarcieTM
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