product review – cordless phone

xvtech-phoneThe best $80 I ever spent was on a cordless phone. If that seems like a lot of money for a phone, it is. Until you learn what I got.

I spend a lot of time on the phone with clients, prospects and vendors and I ended up with the phone tucked under my chin (very bad ergonomics) or I typed with one hand while I talked. Neither situation worked well.

Then I discovered this V-Tech phone.

My phone is a productivity tool. For $80 I got not just a phone and answering machine, but a headset so I can talk and type at the same time, plus the ability to answer my cell phone from anywhere in the house.

Before, I would miss calls because I left the phone in the office. Now I can answer calls without having to carry the actual cell phone around. It’s magical!

I rarely look at my cell phone when I’m home or in the office. (Bonus for people who find themselves addicted to their cell phone but who don’t want to miss a call.) You actually have the ability to add two cell phones.

The only downside is reminding the kids not to answer the cell phone when it rings through the house.

Have you been surprised with a small purchase that made a big difference in your life?

Marcie Lovett, Organized by Marcie
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