product review – li’l davinci art cabinet

xdavinciSchool is out and you’ve vowed that this summer you’re finally going to go through all those masterpieces your kids have brought home from school. While you may feel that you can’t part with any of their artwork, choose the ones that you like best or that show specific milestones (a stick figure, a recognizable face, a house, your family, etc.).

The Lil Davinci frame displays one 12” x 18″ picture and stores up to 50. You can change the display seasonally or when your child brings home a new creation.

Whether you choose to display your kids’ artwork or keep it in a memory box, sort through the collection once a year and let go of the pieces that don’t inspire. Take advantage of these summer days, when it’s too hot to go outside, and choose the pictures you want to keep.

If you dread throwing out any of them, send some to relatives who would enjoy sharing your kids creativity. Remember that teaching children how to sort favorites from mediocre work is a skill they will benefit from, at school and beyond.

Marcie Lovett, Organized by Marcie
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