what’s in your garage?

It’s National Garage and Storage Organizing Month! As the weather is warming up across the United States, now is a good time to take a look at what you’re storing in your garage, shed or carport.

Instead of waiting for a full weekend when you’ll feel motivated to tackle the project, choose one area to work on each week. Group similar items (sporting goods, gardening equipment, tools, car-care supplies, etc.) and determine where you will keep each. If you use the lawn mower every week, for example, you don’t want to have to dig it out from behind the pool toys each time.

There are numerous products made for organizing garages. Before you buy anything, however, take a look at what you already have for storing your stuff. In addition, you want to make sure that you’re not storing junk. That means discarding anything that’s broken beyond repair, that you have multiples of, or that you just don’t use anymore.

Dedicate a box to donations and take it to a non-profit when it’s full. Alternatively, you could set up a date for a pick-up, which might motivate you to finish the job. Then you’ll be able to pour a cold drink, admire the cleared-out space and find what you need, when you need it.

Marcie Lovett, Organized by Marcie
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2 Responses to what’s in your garage?

  1. Thanks for the resources, Linda. I like to remind people that they don’t need to find the perfect recipient – it’s more important to get the stuff out once they’ve made the decision.

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