don’t feel foolish

When I was a kid, I dreaded April Fool’s Day because I was invariably the “fool.” I fell for all sorts of antics that other people would see through and I wasn’t creative enough to come up with something clever in return.

Although I don’t fall for pranks as easily, I still think about amusing ways to fool others.
Here you go:

That “limited edition” Norman Rockwell collectible plate you’ve been holding onto because you think it might be worth something someday? It’s worth $1000!

The Library of Congress wants the correspondence from your grandparents you’ve been keeping!

You can sell your old LPs for hundreds of dollars!

April Fool.

I know, it wasn’t very amusing, but I hope it made you think about what you’re keeping. Don’t let your stuff make you a fool.

And if you have a really good practical joke, I’m probably the right one to test it on.

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