What’s in Your Linen Closet?

March 16-22 is Clean Out Your Closet Week. The linen closet usually is a small project that can be finished in a short time, so it’s a good place to start.


My linen closet was functional and I knew where everything was, but I didn’t like the aesthetics. Is it important to have a beautiful linen closet? Not really, but I was ready to trade up the plastic bins I had been using for over 10 years and do something to perk up the tiny, awkward space.

I was inspired by these two linen closets to do some freshening up.

The floral boxes are fabric-covered cardboard and cost more, but the striped ones are photo boxes from the craft store and cost about $1.50 each. For less than $30, my linen closet looks better and I enjoy opening the door and not seeing toilet paper rolls and medicine bottles. *


Do you have a closet that needs some attention? Take an hour to clear off one shelf in your linen closet or entryway closet. Put back only what is useful in that space. Use labeled containers to group items and, if you want to take it from utilitarian to lovely, choose boxes or bins that delight you.

*You’ll have to take my word for it. The space is so small that I haven’t been able to shoot a decent photo of it!

Organized by MarcieTM: Save time and money by letting go of what you don’t need and finding room for what you value
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