what are you collecting?

I think I’ve developed an early case of spring fever. I’m in a clearing-out-the-spaces, let-the-sun-shine-in mood. When I get this way, I have to face all the stuff I’ve been holding on to and evaluate whether it’s earning its keep.

Mr. Potato Head? Sorry, the kids have moved on.

Dishes I want to sell on craigslist? No takers, you’re getting donated.

Barbie collection that’s just attracting dust? Not so fast (imagine the sound of tires screeching).

I have narrowed down my many collections to just a few special ones. I love seashells and have them displayed in a lamp and a jar. I love quilts and I have four that I use. I love making stuff and I’ve been thinning the buildup of craft supplies.

And I still love my Barbies. Not just any Barbies, mind you, but the ones with the fancy costumes. No one plays with them; they stand in their boxes, looking ornamental – or forlorn – depending on your viewpoint.

I have sold or donated about half of the collection. The hard part has been resisting the temptation to add more. Whenever I see one in an exquisite design, I remind myself that I have enough and that if I really feel that I have to have another, I need to let go of one I already have. That’s tough, given that I really like the ones I have.

Want to learn more about why people collect stuff and why it’s hard to let go? Take a look at page 80 in The Clutter Book: When You Can’t Let Go. Do you have a collection that’s special to you?

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