Three Common Errors That Kill Productivity

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If you want to learn about improving your productivity, you can find loads of information on the Internet, in popular magazines and on television. Some advice is valuable and some is not going to help at all. The important thing to remember is that whatever you try has to work for you.

Here are three errors you can avoid in the pursuit of increased productivity:

1. Toughing it out
You might think that pushing through a project would be a good idea. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Pushing yourself past the limits of endurance is going to make you cranky, not productive.

Determine whether you are hungry, tired or just need a change of scenery. When you find you’re not accomplishing anything, stepping away from the work may boost your productivity when you return.

Caveat: Leave yourself a note where you left off, so you can resume what you were doing – with fresh perspective.

2. Trying to multitask
Research has shown that attempting to do two tasks at once does not save time. In fact, you become less productive when you shift your focus between two tasks that require concentration.

Caveat: Go ahead and check your email while you are on perpetual hold with your utility company. The kind of activity that won’t work is editing a document, carrying on a conversation with a client and texting your friends at the same time.

3. Denying yourself time off
Whether it’s lunch, the weekend or vacation, you need time away from work. That means not checking email or answering the phone. No eating at your desk, either – that’s not a lunch break.

Caveat: Sometimes you have to skimp on time away from work; maybe you have a big project due or you’re resolving an error. Don’t get into the habit of working through lunch, staying late or taking work home because that will become your new normal. Some of your most creative ideas can come as a result of leaving work behind for a little while.

If you want to become more productive, allow yourself to do things that might seem counterintuitive.

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