product review – shelf dividers

It’s Get Organized Month and the stores are highlighting all the great stuff they have that will (finally!) get you organized.

Hold on. No product is going to get you organized. In fact, lots of organizing products end up adding to clutter.

Tools that help you sort and manage your stuff, however, can be useful. I like these shelf dividers because they allow you to make good use of often-wasted space. There is one type for wire shelves and one for wood shelves. You can corral stacks of clothing or hold handbags upright between the dividers. They’re also useful to separate binders or contain floppy paperback books on a shelf.

Before you buy anything, including so-called organizing tools, make sure you really need it and have a place for it. Photos of perfectly designed closets and storage areas can seduce you into buying things you won’t use.

Have you ever succumbed to the appeal of a product you saw in a magazine or catalog? Did you make use of it or did it end up in the “well, it seemed like a great idea” pile?

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