product review – epson printer

People often ask me about buying a scanner so they can digitize their paperwork. I don’t have a dedicated scanner, but I am delighted with my Epson 4-in-1, which has scanning function.

Since I opened my business 10 years ago, I have used Epson printers. I started out with a printer/scanner/copier, which I had for almost 10 years. I upgraded recently to the WF-3540 for two-sided printing, copying and scanning. I also got rid of the separate FAX machine, which I rarely use. My old Epson got handed down to my niece, who probably will have it for many more years.

I scan a lot of documents to avoid paper clutter, so being able to put a stack of paper in the feeder and press the button once was a huge time saver. If you don’t do a lot of scanning and you don’t need a FAX machine, Epson makes a lift-top printer/copier/scanner that is less expensive. They make photo printers, too.

I am a loyal Epson user and recommend the brand highly. Do you use Epson products? What’s your experience been?

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