Reader Question: Why Can’t I Finish Things?

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Recently, a reader mentioned that she feels frustrated because she can’t get anything accomplished. She’s always moving between tasks, instead of finishing one thing before starting another.
There are lots of reasons why people don’t finish what they start and I’ve written about some of them on this blog:

Because they’re afraid they won’t do the job perfectly.

Because it’s more fun to start a project than to see it through.

Because they think they don’t have enough time.

Because it feels overwhelming.

Or, if you have ADD, it could be because you are easily distracted. Even if you weren’t diagnosed as a child, you still could have ADD as an adult. Talk to your doctor if you exhibit signs of ADD. You don’t have to suffer when there are ways to treat it.

Of course, if a task has little to no payoff, you might be better off letting it go.

Do you tend to finish projects or do you leave things hanging while you start new tasks?

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