national sleep comfort month

November is National Sleep Comfort Month.

While it probably was dreamed up as a promotion to get you to buy a new mattress, there are good reasons to look at how you sleep.

If you aren’t getting enough quality sleep, you won’t function well at work or at home. I’m not encouraging anyone to buy anything; however, if your mattress and pillow aren’t supportive, you may not be getting adequate rest.

There are some steps you can take to get better sleep that don’t cost anything:

  • Have a regular bedtime and waking time
  • Reduce the temperature of your bedroom
  • Restrict your use of electronics before bedtime
  • Create a bedtime ritual that allows you to wind down from your day

If you struggle with sleep because you’re thinking about things you need to do, make a list before you go to sleep. Keep it beside your bed and, if you wake up, write down your thoughts instead of dwelling on them.

Get a good night’s sleep so you can make thoughtful decisions during your day.

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