product review – Cocoon Grid-It for Travel

It’s travel season. That means packing up loads of stuff and remembering to bring it back home with you.

Traveling with gadgets, including phones, tablets, music players, laptops and game consoles involves packing cords, chargers, headphones, earbuds and adapters, too. It’s a lot to keep track of.

Before you leave home, put a label with your name and phone number on each piece of electronics. It’s a good idea to label each cord so you can find the right one quickly. You can use colored tags to identify them or simply wrap a file-folder label around the cord and write what it belongs to. When you’re ready to leave your destination, make sure you’ve taken all the assorted parts with you.

There are many products you can use to sort and pack electronics. The Cocoon Grid-It Organizer has elastic straps that allow you to configure your stuff any way you’d like. It takes up very little space when it’s empty, and it comes in different sizes and colors, so you could assign a color to a person or to a function.

Of course, I also suggest completing a packing list so you can check off what you took with you and make sure it all comes back home, too.

How do you remember to take home what you brought with you?

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