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Take Charge of Change Week

Photo by Stuart Miles Yesterday I was thinking about the difference between a desire and an obligation. The difference between saying to yourself “I want to …” instead of “I should …” I really wanted to do yard work, so … Continue reading

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book review – Time Management from the Inside Out

I used to be a huge proponent of time management. Then I realized that you really can’t manage time, you only manage your activities within a specific time period. Whether you choose to call it time management, project management or … Continue reading

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Quote: Getting Started

You might be surprised to learn that I waste time. Not often, but it does happen. I know that I waste time “setting up.”  I spend too much time preparing, planning and contemplating how a project will look when it’s … Continue reading

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It’s About Time

People often tell me they aren’t doing something because they “just don’t have time for” whatever activity we’re discussing. Sometimes I, too, catch myself saying that I didn’t have time to do something. Mostly, though, I try not to use … Continue reading

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product review – Cocoon Grid-It for Travel

It’s travel season. That means packing up loads of stuff and remembering to bring it back home with you. Traveling with gadgets, including phones, tablets, music players, laptops and game consoles involves packing cords, chargers, headphones, earbuds and adapters, too. … Continue reading

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Reader Question: Giving Gifts to Elderly Relatives

When I speak to groups, I often tell them to ask for gifts that won’t create clutter. Older adults, who have spent their lives accumulating and are now looking at downsizing, especially don’t need more stuff. A reader recently asked … Continue reading

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when not to organize

You might be surprised if you thought I would say “Anytime is a good time to organize!” but there really are times when you shouldn’t try. After a huge loss, such as death, divorce or job termination, you’re not usually … Continue reading

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