book review – Nothing’s Too Small to Make a Difference

The authors, Wanda Urbanksa and Frank Levering, are champions of the simplicity movement and, while the book is 10 years old and some of the information is outdated, if you can look past the granola-crunchiness of the tone, you may be inspired to live with less.

I recommend reading the first chapter, especially the sections about living in the present and adjusting to what you have. A significant finding, which I’ve seen elsewhere: Once your basic needs are met, wealth makes little difference to happiness.

Chapter 2 focuses on money; read the section that deals with knowing the true cost of things hint: it’s not measured in dollars).

Chapter 6 deals with building communities and finding like-minded people. When you decide to live differently, it’s important to find others who will support your endeavors. While you might not create a Simplicity Circle, surrounding yourself with people who want to live with less will make your journey feel less arduous.

I found myself skipping pages in the rest of the book. You can absorb the useful information and leave the rest.

Have you made changes to live more simply?

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