organize your files week

This week is National Organize Your Files Week.

You probably have completed filing your income taxes by now, and have stacks of paperwork that you don’t know what to do with. It’s a great time to look at what you’ve been filing and make room for new files.

My one rule for keeping paperwork is this: It needs to be difficult to duplicate and would cause a hardship if you didn’t have it. Birth certificate? Definitely. Utility bill? Not so much.

Keep that test in mind as you go through your papers. If it doesn’t support your taxes (and it isn’t memorabilia), why are you keeping it?

80% of the papers that people file are never looked at again. Consider this: If you had less to look through you would find things faster and could manage with fewer file cabinets.

Instead of thinking that you have to devote hours to a paper purge, go through files (or piles) as you encounter them. Can you discard a few pieces of paper today?

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