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Financial Literacy Month

Financial Literacy Month was established in 2004 to encourage Americans to establish and maintain healthy financial habits. Income taxes are due in April, making it a good time to look at your overall finances. There are lots of resources available that … Continue reading

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book review – Taming the Paper Tiger at Work

Barbara Hemphill created a filing system called The Paper Tiger, which she refers to in this book. Although I find the system extremely cumbersome, it has its share of enthusiast users. Despite my resistance to her pre-packaged system, I wanted … Continue reading

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Quote – You Can’t Manage Time

Last week, I wrote a blog post for The Clutter Book: When You Can’t Let Go that mentioned a LinkedIn discussion about time management. Basically, you can’t “manage” time; you can only manage your tasks, given the amount of time … Continue reading

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you can’t manage time

In a recent LinkedIn discussion, Judith Kohlberg asked group members if there were a better term to use than “time management.” You can manage activities, priorities, tasks, workload, choices, schedule, effort or motivation; however, as I mention in The Clutter … Continue reading

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I Don’t Have Enough Time

At one of my presentations last week, someone said she couldn’t use any of the ideas I shared because she doesn’t have enough time. I say you do have enough time; you’re simply choosing to spend it in other ways. … Continue reading

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product review – Container Store Annual boxes

When people ask about storing items, I usually suggest containers that you can see through. While I recommend using labels, it’s easy to see exactly what’s in each bin when they’re clear plastic. And though I pride myself on not … Continue reading

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Reader Question – How is it possible to live with clutter and not see it?

Photo by imagerymajestic This question usually gets asked by a family member who is tired of looking at clutter that belongs to someone else. The next question often asked is “How do I make [the person] get rid of the … Continue reading

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