What does it mean to be resilient?

To be strong

To bounce back easily

               To find alternatives

To look beyond what’s in front of you

Any of these definitions might be adequate, but they don’t capture exactly what it means to be someone who has the capacity to get on with things when times are tough.

This article* by Monica Hesse, from the Washington Post, may appear lighthearted, but it expresses how appreciating small things can change your outlook.

Andrew Shatté, a professor and resilience coach, says in the article, “If we’re not resilient, then we become hopeless and helpless.”

When you’re having trouble moving forward with a project, think about things that you have accomplished and remember some of the success you experienced. As Dr. Shatté says, “Small victories spur us on to greater things.”

*Although the article is from two years ago, and current events are a bit different, the sentiment is still relevant.

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