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Quote – What You Really Want

October is National Self-Improvement Month. Now is a good time to pick one thing you’ve been wanting to do and start working on it. We can do whatever we wish to do provided our wish is strong enough. What do … Continue reading

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productivity roundup

Productivity is a popular topic on the Internet. Here are a few articles that capture different aspects of working productively: My Personal Productivity Rules by Natalie Houston Why Open-plan Offices don’t Boost Productivity from Daily Mail online Dedicated-Employees Skip Sleep in the … Continue reading

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5 Things you can let go of easily

Photo by Teerapun It’s hard for most people to let go of things.   You might be holding on to something because you paid a lot for it, or because it reminds you of someone or because you used to … Continue reading

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moving and decluttering

Continuing in the spirit of sharing what others have written, I found three posts that address the need to make decisions about what to take with you when you move. A post on Oregon Live made me think about the … Continue reading

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What does it mean to be resilient? To be strong To bounce back easily                To find alternatives To look beyond what’s in front of you Any of these definitions might be adequate, but they don’t capture exactly … Continue reading

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where have I been?

I haven’t been very motivated to blog lately. With competing priorities, I haven’t dedicated the time and effort. When I saw this post from Elizabeth Craig, of Mystery Writing Is Murder, I knew I had to share it. How a … Continue reading

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National Preparedness Month 2013

September is Preparedness Month. This is the 10th year that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has turned its attention to preparedness for ordinary citizens and businesses. You can find more information and locate events in your area: FEMACenters for … Continue reading

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