garage sale day

Whether you call it a garage sale, yard sale or tag sale, the vending of goods in front of one’s home is a summer tradition for many people.

Periodically, people ask what I think about yard sales. The short answer is I think they’re a lot of investment for not a lot of return.

The longer answer is in a previous blog post.

The second Saturday in August is National Garage Sale Day. As the summer comes to an end and garage-sale season wraps up, you might celebrate this Saturday by visiting a few sales. If you do, think before you buy so the stuff doesn’t end up in a pile waiting to be sold at next year’s garage sale.

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2 Responses to garage sale day

  1. Autism Mom Grief Beyond Measure says:

    I think yard sales just encourage you to clutter and then it is hard to get rid of. I think it is too much darn work, you have to wait on decent weather, and usually have to haul off the stuff when you are done. I say donate it, feel good about your generosity, and let it go. Thanks for the post!!

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