the cost of clutter

It’s time for another organizing holiday! Next week is Clutter Awareness Week. To commemorate, here is a list of ways you lose money to clutter:

Going out to eat because you don’t have a plan for cooking
Missing deadlines for returning unwanted items to stores
Missing expiration dates for coupons, rebates, store credits, and gift cards
Throwing out food that has gone bad
Replacing items you know you have but can’t find
Late fees
Overdraft fees
Missing tax deductions because you didn’t keep or can’t find the backup
Emergency repairs that could have been avoided with regular maintenance
The higher cost you have to pay for borrowing money because your credit score is low

I could go on, but you get the point: Avoiding clutter can save you money. Keep track of what you have, put things away so you can find them again, use only what you need.

Now that you’ve started thinking about it, what else can you do to reduce clutter and hold on to more of your money?

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