true confessions: too many piles

I came down the stairs today and before I even had coffee, I felt overwhelmed by piles in the foyer.

There’s a pile of The Clutter Book to take to the bookstore for sale. There’s a pile for my sister and a bag of groceries to take to my mother. There’s a bag for the thrift shop and a huge bag of books to donate to the library. There are some things that need to be returned to be exchanged at the store. Then there’s a pile of stuff to photograph and sell on craigslist.

I’m exhausted just cataloging it.

Granted, none of this stuff has been here more than a few days, but it drags me down with its literal and figurative weight. Having a plan to get it out of the house is the key to mental health.

My car is already loaded with donations from two clients I worked with this week. That gives me an excuse to go to the thrift store and unload my stuff, too. I’ll be seeing my mother this afternoon, so she’ll get her bag and I’ll stop at the bookstore in between.

By tomorrow afternoon, I anticipate being pile-free. Having clear space in the foyer makes the house feel more open and welcoming.

What can you do to move some of your piles out this week?

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