regifting and self-gifting

The Thursday before Christmas is Regiting Day.

If you’re not familiar with the term, regifting is like recycling; giving new life to a gift that you didn’t want. Some people frown on the practice, but if the gift is something that you know another person would enjoy, why not turn your clutter into someone else’s pleasure? Just make sure you remove any cards or tags that would indicate the gift came from someone else.

If you give away a gift that was meant for you, are you inclined to buy something else for yourself?

Those who study consumer psychology say that more and more shoppers are giving themselves “gifts” during this season of giving. An article in The Washington Post addressed this issue:

Economic, demographic and generational changes, they say, have had a Pavlovian effect. Americans hear “Christmas” and think “massive bargain-shopping for all the stuff I didn’t get during the year.”

Before you score any “bargains,” for yourself or others, scrutinize your financial situation and consider shopping your closet first.

Happy holidays!

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4 Responses to regifting and self-gifting

  1. One party I went to did a re-gifting White Elephant party. I loved NOT having to buy a gift to be part of the fun.

  2. Your crowd’s creative use of regifting allows people to pass on something they didn’t particularly want but that might benefit someone else.

    I went to a business event this past week where there was a gift exchange. Not everyone participated and it was still fun. I preferred not having to bring home something that I didn’t need or give someone else a “gift” that wasn’t needed.

    Whether you’re regifting or ungifting (can I create a new term?), spend time with people you care about.

  3. junkjam says:

    I like to think of this practice as recycling as well as re-gifting. Sometimes I receive a gift that I have no use for, or I just don’t like the item. I pass it along to someone else or donate it to charity. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Give without guilt.

  4. Donating to charity is different from regifting, although someone else does get to benefit from it. I suppose you could think of it as “regifting” to someone you don’t know.

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