yes, virginia, we all have clutter

Whether I’m working with clients or speaking to groups, people always seem to be surprised when I tell them that everyone has clutter. Yes, I have clutter, too.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of. The question is, does your clutter keep you from doing what you want?

I have numerous clients who have let clutter get in the way of their relationships. They stop having people over because there’s nowhere to sit. Or they fight with family members because there’s stuff everywhere.

I have clients who carry extraordinary amounts of debt because they haven’t kept up with financial paperwork. They don’t realize how much they spend and they lose bills because of the clutter.

I also have clients who have small pockets of clutter that keep them from living comfortably or from working efficiently.

Everyone has clutter.

My clutter? Right now it has to do with a bathroom renovation. Due to unexpected expenses, the reno has to wait and I have a toilet in the middle of my bedroom. I’m trying to see it in a humorous light, but the truth is – it’s clutter.

This holiday season think of the impact gifts will make in the receivers’ lives. Don’t add to others’ clutter. You can still have a happy holiday without a lot of stuff.

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