meditations on stuff

I subscribe to Ashley Mills’ blog, the handmade home.  After reading her recent post on simplicity, I thought it was important to share. Even though it starts out with her son and his abundance of toys, it really captures the spirit of what I try to teach:

Through all of this, I’ve realized I crave simplicity. A purpose filled home, a pure home, a simplified home, and an intentional home …

It’s about more than the ‘stuff’, that bothers me so much. And it’s more than just this time of year although it does hit a little harder right now. It’s about simplifying. It’s about providing a relevant, intentional, pure home for my children to grow up in. It’s about being compassionate for others in the process.

Take a look at Ashley’s post and tell me if you could use a little more simplicity in your life, too.

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