supreme productivity

Last week, in anticipation of the hurricane, I hurried to finish anything involving technology, in case the power went out.  I had a number of household tasks to accomplish that didn’t require electricity.

Although we never lost electricity, I tackled some of the chores I’d been putting off.

  • I scrubbed the shower grout with a toothbrush
  • I repaired a jewelry box
  • I sewed on buttons, mended and lint-rolled things to put away for the season

 I’m making changes in my office, too, all inspired by painting the walls.  I’ve been painting frames and repurposing artwork.

 I think I’ve been spending too much time on pinterest, because I also started two big jobs:  hacking away at the tile floor in my bathroom, which I’ve despised since moving in, and painting and recovering two thrift-shop chairs for the office.

As someone who loves to start projects, but not always to finish them, I am proud of myself for completing each thing before taking on another new task. 

The bathroom floor is a big, messy job that takes a lot of physical strength, so I’ve been going at it a little bit each day.  In between, I’ve managed to work on the other projects. 

How I get things done: schedule it in, work in small chunks of time and take advantage of bursts of energy.

How do you move projects forward? Leave a Reply, below, and let us know.

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