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As I’ve mentioned before, I love projects. I just don’t always love to finish them, which causes clutter. Stuff clutter and thought clutter, because the projects are in the way of getting other things done. Happily, I’ve been finishing projects … Continue reading

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When You Don’t Have the Energy to Organize

At this time of year I hear people say they don’t have any energy left to tackle clutter. They’re just too busy shopping, cooking, traveling and doing whatever it is they need to do to get through the holiday season. … Continue reading

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happy thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Make a plan for what and how much you want to eat, then make a plan for shopping. Everything in moderation! Stay safe and enjoy your day.

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forget stuff? it’s probably not dementia

Yesterday was National Memory Screening Day, sponsored by the Alzheimers Association of America. No, I didn’t forget; I had the wrong day marked on my calendar. Free, confidential memory screenings are available around the country, with the purpose of detecting … Continue reading

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Use Less Stuff Day

Robert Lilienfeld wrote a book, along with William Rathje, called  Use Less Stuff: Environmental Solutions for Who We Really Are.  He also created a  Web site  dedicated to educating people about the impact their actions have on the environment. In 1994, … Continue reading

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supreme productivity

Last week, in anticipation of the hurricane, I hurried to finish anything involving technology, in case the power went out.  I had a number of household tasks to accomplish that didn’t require electricity. Although we never lost electricity, I tackled … Continue reading

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Stress Awareness Day

Wednesday is Stress Awareness Day, sponsored by The International Stress Management Association in the UK.  The group “promotes sound knowledge and best practice in the prevention and reduction of human stress.”While I don’t believe you can totally remove stress from your life, … Continue reading

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