clutter-busting gadgets

I’m not much of a gadget person, but I’ve seen some designs that are truly clever and will improve your productivity or make life easier.

The bondi is a phone holder that allows you to hang your phone almost anywhere, even when you’re charging it.  Finding a spot to park the phone when I charge it is often a hassle, so this design really appeals to me.  It looks like companies are using the bondi as a promotional device; you might see them soon on vendor tables at conferences.

Quirky offers thoughtful solutions to tech concerns.  The Plug Hub hides your electrical cords and keeps them from overtaking the space behind your desk.

I also like Quirky’s flexible power strip that allows you to plug in multiple large chargers.  You can wrap it around a desk or table leg to keep it out of the way.

Another Quirky product is the Cordies cable organizer which holds all those small cables that threaten to fall behind your desk.  The Cordies will keep you from crawling under your desk to recover cords.

mStand raises your laptop to an ergonomic level and swivels, so you can show your work to others. It also has a place to store a keyboard and cords.

Finally, these two are not gadgets, but password managers that help you create and maintain user passwords. Lastpass and dataviz allow you to keep track of all your passwords in one place.

Do you have a gadget that helps you feel more organized or productive?

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