Having Enough

Fonts from pinterest
After my computer crashed in July, I realized that I lost all the extra fonts I had downloaded over time. In the last few weeks, I have been adding fonts greedily to my collection.

Then I realized something.

I am “collecting” fonts like many of my clients collect stuff. It doesn’t cost anything. It doesn’t take up any space. I might need it someday. This one’s pretty. This one’s cute. I definitely could use this one for a project I’m thinking about.

How much time did I spend “shopping” for fonts that could have been used for something more productive?

Will I really use them all? How many is enough?

Are you collecting something that doesn’t take up much space or that didn’t cost you anything? Do you make use of your collections? Click on Post a Comment, below, and tell us.

Organized by MarcieTM: Save time and money by letting go of what you don’t need and finding room for what you value
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