what are you avoiding?

Due to all the stress I’ve been experiencing lately, I’ve become quite good at prioritizing. Every time I choose one activity over another, however, I have to decide if I am making good choices or simply putting off the things I want to avoid.

When I feel overwhelmed, I often put off making phone calls. Whether it’s making an appointment, asking for an overdue payment or getting clarification about an email exchange, I can make up all kinds of excuses to keep from making a call.

The calls often are short and I can get back to other tasks quickly. Sometimes, though, they take more energy than I have available to give. Most of the time, when I avoid making a call, I have to repeat one of my favorite sayings: The anticipation is always worse than the reality.

Maybe not always, but almost always.

Are you putting off tasks because you think they will be too hard or take too long? Next Wednesday is Fight Procrastination Day. What are you avoiding that you could work on now?

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