why you refuse to let go of clutter

While clutter is usually a popular topic in blog posts, recently there’s been a lot of discussion about clutter and behavior.

In the NY Times, author Gretchen Rubin talks about containing clutter in her small apartment as she prepares for school to start. In the article, she mentions the “Endowment Effect,” a behavior observed by behavioral economist Richard Thaler.

Pat Jeffries of The Oregonian presents several professional opinions on overcoming the Endowment Effect, including Tom Stafford of the BBC, who refers to it as “status quo bias.”

Stafford suggests that, instead of asking yourself if you should get rid of something, ask yourself whether you would be willing to buy it today and for what price. The difference in your thinking pattern will probably give you a different answer.

GregMcKeown uses the same theory to hypothesize “success is a catalyst for failure.” He goes on to use the Endowment Effect to judge whether an opportunity is worth taking.

The next time you’re considering whether an object, task or behavior is clutter, ask yourself if it merits the space it takes up. If not, you’re probably ready to let it go.

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