prioritizing during stressful times

The last five weeks or so have been extremely difficult. I’ve been dealing with a pinched nerve in my neck, lost data from my computer crashing, and my mother being in the hospital. Of course, everything else in my life still carried on as normal, which meant I had to ask myself which activities really merited doing.

When you find yourself experiencing extraordinary stress, you realize that things like a clean floor and dusted tabletops just aren’t that important. Family obligations and trying to take care of my own health were priorities. Just behind that came clean clothes, clean dishes, clean bathrooms, food in the refrigerator and gas in the car. Not much was accomplished beyond that, except paying bills.

Because my home functions well and is not cluttered, deferring maintenance wasn’t a problem. As the issues resolve themselves and stress decreases, tasks are being put back into regular rotation. I am pleased to say that I have cleaned the floors. I even replaced the filter in the air conditioner.

Because I really detest dusting, though, that’s still not done. All in time.

Unfortunately, as a small-business owner, I don’t have a staff to tend to the business when I’m away. While business obligations came in at the bottom of the list, clients were never neglected. I’m looking forward to returning to all the peripheral business actions, like updating blogs, twitter, facebook, pinterest, goodreads, etc.

Thank you to everyone who helped out during this stressful time and to everyone who just lent kind words. I am enormously humbled and grateful.

What can you let go of when you experience exhausting events?

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