personal productivity plunge

Last week I wrote about weather and productivity; I didn’t think I’d be addressing the topic again so quickly.

Although the temperature has decreased somewhat, it is still hot. I am delighted to have electricity, but now I have no Internet connection.

I am truly thankful for flashdrives and “cloud” storage, which enable me to use other people’s computers when I can’t use my own. I haven’t completely figured out Dropbox, but at least I’ve uploaded my data and I can access it. Good old flashdrives come in handy, too, since I can’t open my Dropbox account until Internet service is restored.

Since I can’t open pinterest, facebook, twitter, or any of the other sites I visit regularly, I should have plenty of time to do meaningful work, right? Instead, I keep glancing at the modem, hoping to see that green light.

Yesterday, I left the office and did household chores for two hours because I couldn’t bear being disconnected. The time I could have used for writing the new book, creating marketing plans or designing new products was spent brooding over when I’d get connected again.

Sure, I cleared out loads of old paperwork and made phone calls that I’ve been putting off, but I couldn’t concentrate on high-payoff tasks.

Day two with no Internet connection, I am determined to do better.

Once you experience a certain level of technology, how do you learn to live without it, even for a short time?

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