Reader question: Feeling Regret After Letting Go

When I’m out speaking to groups, people say they are sure that as soon as they let go of something, they will find a need for it.  Last week a reader asked how she can begin the decluttering process when she is terrified that she’ll regret letting go of something.

In all the years that I have worked with clients, I have had three or four say that they were sorry they got rid of something.  None of the things these people mentioned were precious or irreplaceable.  One was sorry that she recycled all her moving boxes, after holding on to them for over a year, because someone she knew was considering moving.  Is it worthwhile to save something you don’t need just in case someone else might need it? 

Another person was sorry that she donated an extra coffeemaker, which had been in the basement for years, because she was afraid that the coffeemaker they did use might break.  Is it worthwhile to save something you don’t need just in case you have to replace something you do use? 

I don’t think it is; however, you have to make the determination for yourself. 

If you are concerned that you will miss an item, put it in a box and put the box in a remote space, like the attic, garage, or back of a closet.  Write a note on your calendar to look at the box in six months and see if you still feel strongly about keeping it.  If you still feel like you can’t let go of it, put it in a place where you can get to it.  You can always try the experiment again another time.

Are you allowing your fear of not having something keep you from enjoying what you have? What can you do to make yourself feel better about letting go?  Click on Post a Comment, below, and tell us.

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